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Complaint Posted 5/9/2020
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Mar 10, 2020
Long-distance move from New Jersey to Utah
Deceptive Dishonest is Broker/Agent NOT a Carrier
American Van Lines - look up Anthony DiSorbo, President, Coral Springs, Fla., a spectacular house "off your and my dime"! AVL is NOT a Carrier they deceive you at the last minute and broker out your contract to numerous other "agents" so you don't actually know who has your personal belongings. Who.then is liable for your belongings when they are LOST and the warehouse they STORED your stuff in can't seem to find it! You contract with AVL for door to door service and you get your personal belongings STORED in a filthy warehouse for over 12 days, but they DON'T tell you this! Check out their "delivery window" on your contract! If you contract for door to door service why do they need 15-18 days to delivery your stuff. CONTACT THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE IN BROWARD COUNTY FLORIDA - Ashley Moody, to file a law suit! Just don't sit there, AVL knows how to play the game, they have been doing this for years to unsuspecting people! They reveal nothing, bring them to justice and make them Accountable for their deceptive, dishonest, false advertising along with their AGENT - Moving Relo who is just as guilty

Move size: 2 Bedroom Home
Service cost: $7168

Jessie Singh
Dec 30, 2019
Local move within Alabama
Horrible experience!
I recently had an experience with this company as well. Upon reading the last couple of reviews below I thought it was important that I also share my experience as this company cannot keep getting away with conducting business in the unprofessional manner they do, while charging a great deal of money for their services. I paid them over $8000.00 for my furniture delivery across states. Upon my initial calls I spoke to a man named Matt who seemed helpful, and we decided to proceed with hiring them. Well right after I signed their extensive contracts and paid half of the money due, their customer service drastically changed! They were completely unresponsive to my calls, refused to give me accurate information as to a window time so I could co-ordinate my acceptance of delivery in my new home, and kept adding new charges to my initial quote citing random additional amounts due for all kinds of things. My delivery became stressful and I felt pressured to accept all their charges and arbitrary rules because I already had paid close to $4000.00 and was in a contract. Things just got worse. When they came to pick up my delivery, they promised me a pack and move “team,” as I had paid almost an extra $1000.00 for this. Well their “packing team” consisted of the two drivers only who complained the entire time. I felt so overwhelmed with the way they were negatively trying to rush everything. As suspected the work was way too much for the two men alone in such a short time constraint, and they ended up leaving the contents of two entire bedrooms! They only packed the first two floors. We had to sell and donate all the extra things in the bedrooms and this was a nightmare. But they were now in possession of our stuff and we just wanted our expensive furniture delivered properly. This however was the ultimate fail. They showed up on a day they weren’t even scheduled to arrive with zero notice to us! Lucky I was even home to accept the large delivery. This delivery without notice was very unprofessional, but of course we were just happy to get our stuff. To make a long story short this new crew of three men ended up completely destroying a dresser, and our brand new painted walls. Disgusting! They said it was too bad and to contact the office for a claim. READ THE CLAIM FINE PRINT. They offered nothing close to the amount of damages we incurred and it was no point even going ahead with the claim. I would not recommend this company to anybody! They are rude, calculating, unaccountable and dishonest. They don’t care about you once their contract is signed and they receive their money. Horrible moving company and they should not be in business taking all our trusted money and leaving us stressed out the whole time, and with major unnecessary damages and financial losses. Listen to all these negative reviews carefully before choosing your moving company, as we have all been done wrong by American Van Lines and wouldn’t waste our time writing these experiences if they were not totally unacceptable and a complete disservice for your money and time!!

Move size: 4+ Bedroom Home
Service cost: $8000

Ronald Schutts
Nov 11, 2019
Long-distance move from Glen Allen, VA to Hopkins, MN
If you get a call from Marty Stern from All American Van Lines hang up immetiatly before the con can even begin. They do not do on site serveys and even given a detailed list of furniture and number of totes and boxes there estimate is not even cloase. Our moves binding quote of $7200.00 actually cost us $10,000.00. We were missing our king bed frame and there is no place to call.
If you want to save yourself from alot of grief do not give this company the time of day because they will charge you for that too.

Mar 20, 2018
Long-distance move from San Antonio, TX to Camarillo, CA
I finally received my delivery at 9:30pm at night on the final day of the 2 week delivery window and had the movers in my house until around 3:00am. I can't express how much of a pain this whole process has been to get my items delivered. In addition, I found out that my items were never put into storage vaults, therefore never unloaded from the truck and reloaded...which I was charged for unloading, reloading and store vaults. That is a very shady practice that this business is operating to charge customers for these items when they are not be done. I can assure you that I will not be a repeat customer if I ever move again and will not be recommending American Van Lines to any of my contacts or corporate relocation company.

With that said, I feel that I should be refunded for the "storage vaults" and the unloading and reloading of my items since this never occurred. In addition, I am not sure why I received another bill for storage for April 1 when my items had already left the facility. Very disappointed with how the entire transaction went with this company.

Would not recommend this moving company to my very worst enemy.

Move size: 4+ Bedroom Home
Service cost: $16000

Oct 19, 2017
Local move within Hollywood, FL
Reckless, Unreliable, Unreachable, WORST company ever
NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. They damaged our belongings, were extremely unsanitary, didn't follow any rules, had our stuff in a truck with gross furniture from other people's houses, not a single person available to help if a problem comes up.

They gave me a "definitive time frame" of pickup for 10-12 AM. The movers arrived at 1 PM. It was communicated that we had reserved the elevator in our new building from 1-5 PM. Our building has strict rules, which were provided several weeks in advance, & again right before the move.

The movers arrived in an oversized truck when it was specifically conveyed that our building did NOT allow trucks over 11'.

I was surprised to find that I was unable to reach my moving coordinator/"definitive contact" at the time I needed them most. I asked the lead mover (who had no response to the situation) to call his boss. His boss said the only thing we could do is rent a u-haul another day & reschedule the move. This is obviously NOT POSSIBLE. We were being kicked out of our apartment. The mover offered no ideas to resolve the issue. When I asked to please speak with the boss, he told me the boss doesn't want to talk to me.

I had to call the condo association, who I already signed off with on the fact that the move-in would be in accordance with their very strict rules. I had to beg them to let us use the oversize truck & extend the elevator reservation, as the combination of the movers showing up late & the time it took for US to INDEPENDENTLY coordinate the resolution to this dilemma ended up significantly cutting into our reserved time.

Because we were now super pressed for time, we ended up having to do half the work ourselves. We wrapped most of the items ourselves, carried our belongings down the stairs, helped them out a lot. Paying top dollar for movers should not end up in us having to do half the work. Meanwhile, this should have been the easiest move, as we had everything organized & moved a lot of our stuff out prior to the move.

After resuming the move, we noticed the oversize truck was filled with other people's stuff. This is extremely unsanitary. How can you put people's things from different apartments/houses in the same truck? What if the other people have bed bugs? Or roaches? Now ALL of our belongings have been exposed to this. This is unacceptable, & should be basic common sense. If this is their unconventional procedure, this should have been disclosed this from the beginning or else we never would have worked with them.

Several items were damaged during the move, including our expensive television, which was one of the only things we didn't have a hand at packing ourselves. The lightbulb in our lamp was missing & not returned. It was probably forgotten by accident, but that should be basic procedure - if you are going to take apart items, return all their parts at the end. The bottoms of two of our filing cabinets were damaged & the feet were missing. To name just a few. Additionally, some of the baseboard carpet in the hallway of the building was damaged.

If my definitive contact/moving coordinator was going to be out of the office, why would they not tell me, & assign me to someone else. If this was a smooth, flawless operation, it may not have been a big deal. But it was not. It was a HOT MESS. If we did not take action ourselves, the whole move would not have happened, & we would have been completely screwed.

They already caused issues even before the move, by neglecting to send the necessary licenses/certificates of insurance to our association which were required to reserve the move. Again, we had to find that out ourselves by confirming with the association who said they never heard anything from you. We were super lucky that a spot opened up on Monday & we were able to use the elevator.

The day after the move, I expressed my concerns to the company... Called. Emailed. Left messages. NO ONE EVER responded. I tried to dispute the charge with my CC company. They ONLY replied to the credit card company & STILL never to me. NEVER USE THEM. EVER.

Move size: 1 Bedroom Home
Service cost: $500

Oct 17, 2013
Long-distance move from Florida to New Jersey
We hired All American Van Lines to move our home from Boca Raton Florida to Parsippany, NJ on June 20, 2013. The move was supposed to take place on July 22, 2013. After speaking with a woman named Talli the date was changed to Wednesday, July 31. Tali had walked our home in June with my husband and gave a price for moving to my husband but the day of the move there was not an inventory list so they insisted on charging us over 700.00 in additional fees.  We were under the impression that there was to be 1 tuck with 1 crew From Florida to NJ.  That was not the case. They also showed up with a truck that was ½ the size of what was needed to move the entire contents of my home. This was a long distance move and I was supposed to be on the road after the movers were finished however because they did not have the appropriate truck I did not want my items moved more than once since I had many items that needed to be handled with care and only wanted it moved once which I made clear to Liran who was there that day. They were supposed to arrive between 8 and 10 am. They did not arrive till 1:30 and started wrapping things but did not load that small truck. I postponed my road trip 1 day, as they were to come back the next day to load the truck. When they showed up the next day they were there with that same truck. Had they told me that they were unable to handle my move due to their truck being in the shop I would have cancelled with them and hired someone who was capable of handling my move. We were never told that our contents would be moved again to a warehouse and stored. We did not request out contents to be moved several times before heading to NJ. I was to be out of the home in Florida 7/29/2013 however this company did not finish loading the wrong truck until Saturday August 3rd causing added expenses on my part and undue duress. I did leave on Thursday because I had to be in NJ and my father who lives in Florida went to the house daily to deal with the movers. They told me they were professional movers capable of handling my baby grand piano and I came to find out that this company hired people off the street for my move. They moved my things to their warehouse and stored it there without my permission. Due to the mishandling of the move when my things finally arrived in NJ on August 13, 2013 a majority of my furniture and things were broken. We took numerous pictures of how the truck was just piled up with no regard to fragile stickers or this side up stickers.  The driver made the trip alone and picked up workers off the side of the road from Newark and Jersey City. The driver showed up at 5pm to unload and was here until 2am. Was totally inconvenient and disrespectful to our neighbors.  One of the workers gave me his name and number so he could explain how horribly my stuff was treated on the truck and what happened.   The damages include 2 broken Tiffany floor lamps   1 damaged marble table. Could not be put back together because the wooden base was broken   My bar table was missing the pedestal to put it together   Most boxes were crushed leaving fine china, glasses, and plates broken   Broken glass picture frame   My couch has a broken frame   My love seat is missing the legs   My bbq grill did not show up   My Outdoor planters did not show up   My winter coats did not show up. The movers put them in wardrobe boxes   My son’s suits in the same wardrobe box as the coats from the same closet   My dogs pee pad did not show up   My stereo receiver was totally crushed in   My Bookshelves were busted   Metal bakers rack bent in   Parts to my husband’s desk are missing so he is unable to put the whole thing together.   They took furniture apart in Florida and lost the screws so when it arrived in NJ not able to put it together properly. (My glass TV table was put together and we discovered later on there was nothing holding the glass on. Screws are missing as well as the glass being chipped.   Many other pieces of furniture have nicks and chips from the way they moved and packed our contents several times with no care or concern.           Because it got so late much of my things were just offloaded from the truck and not put back in the proper places. The driver refused to place my refrigerator in the house.  They left furniture everywhere in my downstairs that we had to move again into its proper place.   They were totally unprofessional and irresponsible with my belongings and did not do what our signed agreement stated they would do.                  

Jennifer A
Jun 19, 2013
Local move within Florida
First of all we were told that they had an on time guaratee. We were told they would be there from 9-11am. They didn't show up until 1pm. This wasn't that big of a deal...we didn't even say anything. The whole reason why we were hiring someone to help us move was because we have a baby grand piano. My husband made sure this was the first thing we told them when they gave us a quote. It was also on our paperwork that was emailed to us. When they got at our place they said they couldn't move the piano because they didn't know how to move it. That they could move everything else but not the piano. Well what was the point of that when that's the whole reason why we hired them in the first place. My husband got on the phone with a supervisor. She made it seem like it was our fault. That they didn't know that it was going to be a baby grand piano. I don't know how they didn't it was on the quote THEY gave us. She told us we would have to either have the guys put back all the stuff they already loaded onto the truck (which took 45 mins we didn't have that much additional stuff because we had moved a lot of stuff already) or they could charge us more money to send someone else to move the piano. There was no compensation or apologies whatsoever for THEIR MISTAKE!!! All we got was ATTITUDE from a supervisor named Terri. She spoke to my husband like he was stupid! I paid the extra money because I had to be out of the place the same day. It took an additional 3 hours of just waiting around for another person to come out to help move the piano. We had to wait with the moving guys so they could put it on the same truck. By the time everything was moved many of my boxes were crushed. A lot of damage was done. NEVER AGAIN WORST MOVING EXPERIENCE EVER!

Service cost: $900
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