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  • We’ve been tenants with Premium Properties for a few months now. They helped us find an ideal home for our family, so we now have enough room for o... Read More »
  • I got the address of State To State Logistics from my cousin. He used them about a couple of months back. State To State Logistics offered me 3 you... Read More »
  • I have been purchasing from Edwin Novel Jewelry Design since my first engagement and they have never let me down. I have recently purchased a penda... Read More »
  • The ring we got is a true beauty! It shines and so comfortable. I'm so glad it's mine now. My now husband bought this particular ring to represent... Read More »
  • We successfully adopted with the help of A is 4 Adoption. They were professional and very kind, responsive to answering our questions, and thorough... Read More »
  • We could not have found a better choice for our event. My husband and I married on September 1st and our guests are still complimenting Dean! He is... Read More »
  • ILoveKickboxing is a life changing experience! The moment you step in the door everyone welcomes you and treats you like family! I joined ILKB abou... Read More »
  • Have shipped my 2018 Subaru Crosstrek from Santa Clarita CA to Jacksonville for 11 hundred. That was my first time shipping and I didn't know much... Read More »
  • A couple of weeks ago a couple brought in a vizio 60 inch tv that they wanted to recycle. I agreed to take it and asked what was the issue with the... Read More »
  • HireRight called and left a voicemail wanting to verify employment on someone who has worked for us. They are outsourcing to a foreign country, the... Read More »
  • I highly recommend ClaimTek! I purchased the Principal package and have had zero regrets. The software is great...very intuitive and produces a ple... Read More »
  • My husband and I have nothing but good things to say about Laurie and the rest of the team at A is for Adoption. After two failed matches (at no fa... Read More »
  • I was extremely bored with the upholstery fabric of my sofa, and I just wanted to replace it with something fabulous. Well, guess what, after readi... Read More »
  • The company is just amazing. High Quality, fast turn around and mindful of your budget. They worked in a very professional manner just make us look... Read More »
  • Stephen was very Knowledgeable and extremely patient and professional in answering all my questions and concerns purchasing the bike. The transacti... Read More »
  • Beautiful bridal set!! The engagement went very smoothly and my fiance loves the ring!! Read More »
  • We moved interstate from Orlando to West Virginia last week and were impressed with the service we received. I did my research before booking as we... Read More »
  • What makes Business dynamics so much more effective is their special attention to every element that makes up a business. They have thought of ever... Read More »
  • I have been working with a project manager from SMS who I am in contact with consistently. He updates me on a regular basis so I know exactly where... Read More »
  • No customer service at all and they do not respond or take care if you have a problem with a product. Read More »
  • I totally recommend ClaimTek Systems, they did not just sell me the software, they literally helped me market and build my business. Excellent supp... Read More »
  • Really great quality and great service to go along with it. Prompt communication with seller. Very cooperative. If you're looking for diamond earri... Read More »
  • I have transported my 2016 Subaru Impreza from Santa Clarita CA to Birmingham AL for $1700. I got a nice service, Philip was helping me. It took 4... Read More »
  • 2 years ago I was looking into medical billing software and I came across ClaimTek Systems. By far they have the best medical billing software "Med... Read More »
  • Great pre-sale information and customer service from Jay Allred Read More »
  • I have been working on the ClaimTek system for 10 months. The software is easy to navigate but where ClaimTek shines is their support. I belong to... Read More »
  • This company is very deceptive. They tricked one of my employees to order toner cartridges and when I called to return them within their "5 day rec... Read More »
  • Thanks to the dedication and hard work Nick and Lila provided to me and my family we were able to have a seamless and efficient experience with our... Read More »
  • They did the job i needed done. I am so pleased with their quality of work. The raccoons were captured fast. I can finally live in the house with t... Read More »
  • My parents have been using ECM for over 20 years in their Palm Beach villa. They have purchased two AC systems (a new one three years ago), water h... Read More »
  • A few months ago I visited Wm Dudek Manufacturing to buy four-slide products. They have a great environment to produce the slide products and they... Read More »
  • What the title says, they did not deliver sympathy flowers that were scheduled for October 10 and didn't bother notifying me of that little detail... Read More »
  • I am very fortunate to have purchased my first pair of quality jewelry from Edwin Novel Jewelry Design. I decided to take a leap and purchase my ha... Read More »
  • Warning: The EBTC DBT program will cost you an arm and a leg. They do not accept any insurance policies, and the charge more than any insurance pol... Read More »
  • I called them for IRA and precious metals investment. It was impressive how simple they made everything for me to understand. Very patient with emp... Read More »
  • When purchasing bikes for a small cycle studio that I have dreamt about for years, Chris came along and walked me through the variety of options. H... Read More »
  • Alex has been very professional with my business proposal and I highly recommend him! Thank you Alex ! 5 STARS .. Read More »
  • Very pleased with the quality of goods and services provided by American Bullion. Nathan (Nevtan) Akcora provided me with excellent service both ti... Read More »
  • Several months ago I contacted Amerihope Alliance to speak about helping me with my situation. I did not believe that it was actually possible and... Read More »
  • The company has always helped us out with great work. They understand how important the little stuff is and take design seriously. Quick, Dependabl... Read More »
  • Goldco rep Tony was very helpful and provided all the information and questions/concerns I had for my IRA precious metal transfer. Tony was very pa... Read More »
  • My experience with Todd N.and Lisette G.was great .work diligently to get my loan processed . Read More »
  • Back in the day, I found these folk sitting on MontgomeryWardsCreditCardSecurityLifetimeMember-data. We chatted online and on phone and I heard the... Read More »
  • Platinum Wildlife removal is more than just a company. They really care about the people and animals they do work for. Everything was taken care of... Read More »
  • They promise they made was nothing. First, they make you pay upfront with an initial payment and set their obligations. After that they ask you for... Read More »
  • My friends are planning to go for a shopping trip and they needed a perfect temporary guard to escort them. So I had recommended First Security ser... Read More »
  • We've got this company to do all our signs for our construction company. We have been going back all the time because of their good work. They alwa... Read More »
  • I am a very happy customer. This was my first time using Platinum Wildlife Removal and i was extremely impressed. Very happy with the quality of se... Read More »
  • Great and easy service Read More »
  • Top locksmith Services In Roswell Read More »
  • Thanks Lasette and Nick for the smooth, seamless, efficient process of refinancing my home loan. Also keeping me posted on any changes that may oc... Read More »
  • buen servicio.. Read More »
  • buen servicio, pagan a tiempo sin problemas.. soy del El Salvador, no he tenido problemas desde hace tres años que tenemos una cuneta de ahorro.. f... Read More »
  • They worked with me to produce for what I wanted for within my budget. And went beyond my expectations and completed my project in time. Excellent... Read More »
  • They make promises to get your personal information then they disappear Read More »
  • This has to be the worst company on the plant, I wish I would have never ever done this, I signed up for the loan telling them I am only paid once... Read More »
  • First of all, their franchise business package is an old business model from like 2000's. Their marketing tool still focuses on targeting offices w... Read More »
  • I figured it was a long shot. They told me it might not happen. But they did it! They actually saved my home. I had a sale date on my home when i c... Read More »
  • Everything about this company simply screams professional! The scheduling process was easy, the crew itself arrived on time, and they were very pro... Read More »
  • What a terrific youngman. He guided me thru what I considered a terrifying ordeal with absolutely no panic on my part. These financial refinancing... Read More »
  • Although Corporate Business Solutions, came into our project with a substantial amount of information, they dug deeper and got a handful of researc... Read More »
  • SMS created an in-house training program that has significantly improved my sales efforts. They came up with a unique stance for a challenging, com... Read More »
  • I have worked with this company for my new Neon Signage. The work they did was phenomenal like every time. The attention to detail is spot on and t... Read More »
  • I purchased a beautiful hand-crafted necklace from this store and the process was wonderful. The merchant and I emailed back and forth and he direc... Read More »
  • STA is very helpful and they have been very patient with me over the past few years. They helped me navigate through the financial challenges of sm... Read More »
  • I purchased (1st time) a Dali print from the Dali Society. I performed a lot of research of places to buy given the large amount of fakes on the ma... Read More »
  • We have had a few consulting companies come through our doors over the years and these guys were the only ones who seemed honest. They were upfront... Read More »
  • I really appreciated the thoughtfulness and in depth knowledge presented in these classes. It made me reflect on how I can become a better parent e... Read More »
  • East Valley Audiology is an excellent clinic with great staff. The Audiologist, Dina Miller, Au.D., has the expert knowledge of a veteran, and is a... Read More »
  • nos atendieron muy mal y con pocas ganas...queríamos abrir una cuenta de corretaje y nos hicieron esperar por dos horas para después decirnos que n... Read More »
  • This team is incredible, they opened up my eyes to so many opportunities for my business and redirected my focus to a more strategic approach for m... Read More »
  • They make this a very easy process for anyone to use. Thank you for the quick turn around. Read More »
  • This moving company has completely blown my socks off. When it comes to reliable moving services, this is the company that everyone should be calli... Read More »
  • Pay is not bad and home every night all the trucks are pretty new! Read More »
  • Great Service. I wish I knew them before. I recommend it to all my friends. Alex Read More »
  • They responded quickly to my call, sent me a quote shortly and explained me the whole process making sure I had no questions. The truck arrived on... Read More »
  • Outstanding customer service. Great moral values and great products Read More »
  • If you are looking for great customer service, low price, quality work and a fast turnaround this is a good company to work with. As this company h... Read More »
  • Used EZ Window Solutions for new roof and new windows. Very competitive pricing and great service. Great experience! Read More »
  • I was very happily surprised that went out of their way to get me the correct key when I had mistakenly ordered the wrong part. Custo... Read More »
  • i work there as intern , its awesome place to work Read More »
  • I work for Mart Liquor and I was in contact with this business. They told me they could lower my debt significantly as long as I paid their fees. I... Read More »
  • Adam Cox - Prime Choice Funding I was already working with 3 other lenders for my divorce refi when Adam reached out to me that he was back in the... Read More »
  • Can't say enough about how quickly and easily Andrew Madrigal and New American Finance approved my loan and cash-out. They also did something which... Read More »
  • I have never signed up for this service and for years I have continued to receive phone calls about extending the warranty on my 2009 Dodge, that a... Read More »
  • They gave me a very good service overall. They showed up 30 min late but they are so hard working and fast that this was not a big issue at the end... Read More »
  • These guys are obviously crooks ! Bought a battery from them and never received it ! They also do not respond to emails or phone calls ! They shoul... Read More »
  • USA Locators did a great job helping me find some lost monies. They were friendly and knowledgeable and knew the ins and outs of finding the lost m... Read More »
  • They really did a great job. They did my neon within no time. Being very nice and giving great recommendations. I would definitely use them again. Read More »
  • Best toy store in the city. Would love to visit this place. Read More »
  • Paid my HOA dues to old company for June and July sent in bankstatements which was received 10/3/2019 (certified mind you because it seems like I h... Read More »
  • The staff was there to walk me through the process, step by step. I would highly recommend Priority Gold for anyone looking to invest their 401K or... Read More »
  • I had American Leak Detection do a helium test in January 2019 through my Rental House Management Company for a gas leak. When the plumbers came to... Read More »
  • Their representative was very helpful and knowledgable to guide me through the whole process. I am very pleased with Priority Gold. There was not a... Read More »
  • They will buy a new domain name on your behalf, point all the traffic you had from your other domains to it but if you ever leave them, you do not... Read More »
  • I've been already contacted by this agency two times for nonsense reasons. At first they wanted contact of someone who is employer of my previous e... Read More »
  • I recommend Priority Gold to anyone who is interested in diversifying their portfolio. The staff was informed, knowledgeable and they took the time... Read More »
  • I've been working with Tax Group Center for 7 years originally started with a tax problem I had that they resolved successfully. Since then I've be... Read More »
  • I have been listed on 123notary directory for 2 months. Paid $99. Didn't get any job from them yet.So,I decided to call and just talk to Carmen.She... Read More »
  • This first experience was a great success at all levels; the quality of their services (advices, packaging, delivery organisation and follow-up) al... Read More »
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