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Do job lead services work, and which ones are best?
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1/16/2015 7:23 AM (PST)

I understand that there will always be bad reviews. I am looking into using a job lead service and I'm not sure what to think about them. The bad reviews seem like they could be due to not using the site properly, or they might be a scam, or even just better designed for one business than another. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you

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2/9/2015 8:53 AM (PST)

We've tried several services and they've fallen into two categories based on how the leads are collected. The first type collects consumer interest data from home shows, street fairs, and banner advertising. These sources have very low commitment from consumers, so a lot of the contact info is false, and even when it's true we've found most of the consumers weren't very interested despite being on the list. This could be because a lot of them filled out the info to get a free gift (T-Shirt or gambling chips, etc.) The other type is the branded lead generation where consumers choose among several local companies offering everything from carpet cleaning to rough framing. The advantage here seemed to be that the interest was real. The disadvantage is that, since none of the contractors are chosen by qualification, the consumer quickly figures out they should call up the lowest bidders. Bottom line, if you're a lowest cost provider of your service - this could be a great way to get started or build. If you're a highest quality type, it's a loser. We've settled on review sites, brand advertising and word-of-mouth to generate business. All three of those work for us.

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